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With mindfulness at the forefront of all that i do, I operate in my work space under the intentionality of ceremony through my unique process of creation.

By bringing my attention to nothing but the inception of the piece before me, I move my “self” to the side so that I can be a conduit for the intuitive artistic channeling and visions that move through me.

By moving away from our more common, self-occupied ego constructs, I can be with whatever mood, emotion or flavour there is in the present moment. This flows through me from somewhere beyond me, infusing itself into the fabric of the canvases of my work.

When I give myself permission to get out of my own way through entering this sacred creation space, I feel soft currents of divine intelligence greater than myself ebb through my paint brush, always informing my design.

This process charges and suffuses my work with the intentionality of wakefulness of being, expansion and inspiration, and my clients express endless gratitude for the all the ways this energy colours their home space.

It is a privilege and an honour to be able to design and deliver these original, artful triggers for transcendence to you and your space.

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