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My artwork: Triggers for transcendence!

Forget yourself for a moment & connect to the divine current that moves through all things as you pause to experience my artwork in all it’s multidimensionality.

Experiences of self-transcendence (forgetting oneself) are as healthy as kale for breakfast. Unfortunately, they are lacking in the twenty first century’s self-occupied culture of productivity and individualism. Olivia’s artwork catapults one into the unfoldment of the present moment, into an immersion of re-enchantment and beauty.

“A culture dedicated to enchantment recognizes our need to live in a world of both facts—and holy imagination. It seeks out experiences that quiet our mental ambitions, and open a pathway towards transcendent visions.” — Thomas Moore.

The soul needs regular excursions into enchantment for its best opportunity at human flourishing. Olivia’s artwork speaks to this self-transcendent need within the human condition as a felt-sense of connection to all that is is experienced as one gazes upon her works of art.✨

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