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Olivia by Design
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About the work: 

The story of my newest work, “It’s Her Journey” is seen in between the words of Galina Singer’s writing on the Revolution of a new love paradigm. She writes:

Contrary to popular belief, the language of relationships is not words of affirmations or acts of service, it is resonance: feeling & sensing via streaming of data.

Human beings are designed to relate through neuroception: “I feel you feeling me,” to use the words of Thomas Hübl. 👥🫀🧠

When our nervous system picks up on that—“me feeling you and being felt by you”—it creates a sense of safety. If I don’t feel you, your nervous system picks up on the absence of connection and, as a result, the body feels stress, without the conscious mind necessarily picking up on that. 

This is one of the reasons that words of love will not sustainably produce feelings of safety if our nervous system does not pick up the corresponding sense of being felt.
“I feel you feeling me” is the basis of relational safety.

In relationships, the greatest gift we can give to each other is our presence.🕊

To practice presence, we need to cultivate our capacity to be open & receptive to what is happening AS it is happening, within ourselves. Training ourselves to be a witness—separating our thoughts from awareness—is an important skill both for our ability to remain present & also to attune.

Attunement is the ability to know our own inner world, so we can understand & connect with the inner life of someone else. With presence and attunement, we come to resonance. 

“It’s Her Journey” is the other side of embodied disconnection. The creation process —like most of my work— called me forth to be an acute witness to my own inner experience. To (courageously)feel myself & open to the truth of my inner life with presence& attunement.

“Its Her Journey” It the result of relating moment-by-moment with my senses, translating them to textures & composition choices while being a Witness to my thoughts, inviting them onto the canvas, freeing up space for feeling peace, aliveness & oneness inside...

It’s THE journey of finding & reclaiming these sensations within my own sovereign self… again. 

This is "It's Her Journey".


72 x 48 x 2 inches 

Mixed medium:

Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas




Made with love. 


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